Saturday, February 10, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

I watched a documentary called An Inconvenient Truth today. If you've not heard of it you should check it out. It's basically a presentation that Al Gore has been giving all over America since 2005 about the dangers and effects of global warming. It is really quite a wake up call to what we are doing to the planet. There are lots of skeptics out there stating that what Gore says is not all true but as I watched the movie I kept thinking what would his agenda be to be telling us all of this information? I think the only agenda is that we are damaging our planet and it needs to stop. Even if what he says is only partially true (which I don't think) wouldn't doing what he says we should do be a benefit anyway? Watch this movie; you'll be amazed and maybe even disturbed by what is happening--and what is not being done because of political or financial reasons.



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