Monday, June 4, 2007

Lather, Rinse and Obey!

I could really use some of Dr. D’s brainwashing shampoo and cranium rinse for the next time our kids take a bath! Tonya was not feeling well today so I came home early to help take care of the Nicholas and Madeleine. All I asked was to clean up the toy room which should have taken 15-20 minutes. An hour and a half later it was still not completely done and I was super frustrated with the children. Tonya keeps telling me I come home at the worst time of the day for the children--when they're tired and hungry (which leads to cranky). Everytime I take care of the children though, my appreciation for mothers deepens. It's a hard job!

On a second note, as I was telling Nicholas about how unhappy it makes me when he doesn't follow directions the phrase "If you love me keep my commandments" came to mind. I really can understand that now. If you want to show respect and love to someone, you show that by doing what they ask. It's a pretty simple concept but as far as the scriptural reference it never sunk in until tonight. It makes me think, how much do I show my love for God by keeping his commandments? It also kind of makes sense anyway, since most of us don't interract with God on a face to face level, how else can we demonstrate love towards God? Basically everything good that we do can probably be linked to some kind of commandment so on a basic level keeping the commandments shouldn't be that hard. What would show a deeper love for God would be following those commandments that individually we each have a hard time following. This is what I love about the Gospel, its cyclical nature: God gives us commandments to be better people and as we realize they are not hindrances to our freedom and actually follow them we rise to a higher plateau of peace and happiness. As we continue this cycle of receiving and following we are then able to let God lead us to becoming enlightened and exalted beings. And this all comes from the simplest of things: keeping his commandments.

Being a consistent disciplinarian is tough and it's something I need to work on. In the mean time I think I need to find some of that shampoo--for me and my kids!

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