Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dinosaurs live!

Yesterday Nicholas and I went to see the new touring show "Walking with Dinosaurs" and it was spectacular! Regretfully I didn't take my camera or I would have posted a picture here. Nicholas's love of dinosaurs is definitely one way that we are different. I never got into them the way he does when I was a child. I saw the ads for the show and really knew he would like it but I wasn't especially excited about it. But now, all I can say is the show is completely worth the money and is truly something you should go see. Yes, they are puppets, but they are life-size puppets and are truly amazing. Seeing and being within 50-100 feet of these magnificent animals was like nothing I've ever seen before and I'm still overcome with how beautiful it was to see them! I especially thought the Brachiosaurs were so beautiful--they were so huge! I think the only thing that could probably compare would be to see a whale in the ocean. Of course the tyrannosaurus rex was the star of the show--no the T-Rex's baby was the star of the show, but again to see that giant animal walking around...just magnificent.



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