Sunday, September 23, 2007


I suppose tonight will be the first of many late-night practice sessions. Just got back from practicing for about 2 1/2 hours and it feels really good. Surprisingly I'm not completely tired but I did have about a three hour nap this afternoon which I really needed. I was talking to my brother Brandon earlier this or last week and he mentioned one person's philosophy of completing something all at one setting, no matter what it is. Brandon said he was going to try this with composition and I thought I would try that at practicing. I don't think you can really learn a piece of music all in one setting but as I practiced tonight with that mind-set in mind I think it gave me a bit more urgency to trying to learn the music. I was more focused.

One thing that was interesting about this practice session is that the time went by very quickly. I guess this could also be due to the concentration I was putting into the music. I wonder if my job has also prepared me for this; everyday I have a deadline to be sure certain things are completed by the end of the day so I always push myself to work as quick and efficient as possible. Hopefully that is crossing over into my practice ethic.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

School's in!

So here I am, the first day of classes was today and I actually don't have any classes until Monday. NCSA is interesting since it is not only a college, but there is also a high school here that has free tuition for any NC high school student. For percussion, there are around six high school students, mostly juniors and seniors. I think there's only one college student and there are three grads. As graduate students we had an opportunity today to listen to each student perform on timpani, snare drum and marimba. I was quite impressed. I think the level of perfomance ability was at a high level, especially for some of the students that have not had any private lessons. This made me think of my own experience that in high school I do not remember ever having private lessons in percussion. I did have piano up through my senior year but no percussion lessons except for a year or so of drumset lessons when I was around 13. This makes me wonder where would my level have been at the end of high school if I had lessons. These students are so lucky to have a conservatory experience at this age! Hopefully they will all realize this and take full advantage of it.