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Here are some live recordings of pieces I have performed.

Via by Jared Steward

The text for this piece is from a poem of the same name by Caroline Bergvall. For her piece, Ms. Bergvall collated 47 versions of the opening lines of Dante's Inferno which were translated into English. She then alphabetized the translations and recorded herself reading the piece. When I heard this, it felt very musical to me, and I wanted to add music to it. I noticed that certain words were used over and over, and decided that for my composition, I would count each word, and, based on the frequency of repetitions, would assign that word to a note on the marimba, working outward from the exact middle of the instrument, F#. When I ran out of marimba notes, I used temple blocks and wood blocks for the remaining words. This time, I assigned the word to the blocks based on whether they were a noun, verb, adjective and so on. The piece can be performed any number of ways, one being a strict reading following the text exactly as Ms. Bergvall read it, or by rearranging the stanzas as I've done here. This is a recording of my graduate recital at University of North Carolina School of the Arts. I apologize the volume is so low--the recording volume was not set very high and due to stage logistics, I wasn't right in front of the microphone. Finally, thank you to Ms. Bergvall for allowing me to use her work.

Prim by Askell Masson

The snare drum is not often considered a solo instrument. However there are many pieces of music that have been written exploring how the snare drum may be played as a solo instrument. This is an interesting piece written by an Icelandic composer that I hope you will enjoy.

Meditation by Patrick Long

As the title indicates, this is a meditative piece written for four timpani.

Six Elegies Dancing by Jennifer Stasack

This is a marimba solo that reflects on the emotions one may feel when someone close to you has died. Here are the first three of six movements. (Note that there are several seconds of silence at the beginning of each track.)

Movement one
Movement two
Movement three

Encounters VII: Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God by William Kraft

This is a multiple percussion duo I performed with Duane Farnham. Most people probably associate percussion with loud, bombastic playing. Although this piece does have some of those elements, this piece also explores the quieter side of percussion with some beautiful sounds.