Jared Steward


Teaching Experience Snapshot
    Private Lessons
  • Separk Music, Lewisville, NC
  • Ashland HS, Ashland, MA
  • The Blanchard (Elementary) School, Boxboro, MA
  • Arts Cumberland Faculty, Cookeville, TN

  • Group lessons/coaching
  • Music and Arts camp at Knollwood Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Drumline Coach, White County HS, Sparta, TN
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Music and the arts in general are very important to me. Without art in our lives there is really a void of beauty and thought that can only be expressed through art, whether it be music, visual, dance, or text. This is why I am an artist, to help bring some of that beauty to others and to share the creative spark that is within me. As a teacher, I strive to bring this ability out in others as well. It is my belief that anyone who wants to, can be an artist. However, this is no easy task, and it takes dedication and perseverence to improve our abilities to express ourselves. Although most of us are not going to become superstar musicians, we can all improve our abilities if we want to. My goal as a teacher is to help my students achieve their goals of making music and being able to share with others the music that is within them.

I am currently a teacher at Separk Music, in Lewisville, NC. At Separk I'm available to teach snare drum, xylophone or marimba. If you would like to set up lessons at Separk, please call the store at 336-723-0794.

I also can teach privately from my home where I can teach marimba or snare drum. If you are interested in this please contact me via email.

I have developed a twenty-minute elementary school percussion and literature presentation for Kindergarten to third graders. In the presentation I introduce the percussion family of instruments, perform music to a narration of the book Max Found Two Sticks by Brian Pinckney and give a brief demonstration on how to make a percussion instrument that all students should easily be able to do at home. This is an entertaining and educational presentation about percussion and creativity that also involves student participation. If you are interested in having me present this to your class or school please contact me via email.